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Thermal Dispersion Type Level Sensing Unit

Thermal Dispersion Type Level Sensing Unit is suitable for Continuous measurement of Level instead of distinct point measurement


Bolt Type Temperature Sensors

These temperature sensors are designed for easy installation in industrial environments. The sensors can be mounted on machines, against process pipes, or embedded directly into a machined part.



Highly Accurate Pyrowell, 350°C to 1800°C Temperature Range, 1.6 μm Spectral Range


Thermocouple with Moulded Connector

Thermocouple with Moulded connector design is suitable for applications where there is possibility of failure in transition of signal from instrument to temperature readout unit in high ambient conditions.


Probe with Transmitter

Probe Temperature Transmitter for head mount with TTL interface configuration.It is perfect for enviroments where we have vibrations, moisture and extreme temperatures, electro-magnetic interference, high voltage and other interferences.


Temperature Transmitters (Head Mounted, Din Rail)

Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter (HT) , Isolated Head Mounted (HT I), Din Rail Temperature Transmitter (DRT ) & Isolated Din Rail Temperature Transmitter (DRT I)


Heat Flux Sensor

Heat Flux Sensor is a transducer that generates an electrical signal proportional to the total heat rate applied to the surface of the sensor.Both Cooled and Uncooled Models are available.


ALUGUARD Molten Thermowell

Aluguard is the best solution with high bond strength coating, Ensures permanent adhesiveness, easy mounting, ability to resist surface penetration by molten metal and slag.


Non - Invasive Clamp Sensor

Temperature is one of the most frequently measured variables in process industries. Process industries where there is fluid flow inside pipe, accurate temperature measurement is crucial for process control, industry automation and safety.

Pyrowell G-2

Pyrowell G-2

Highly Accurate Pyrowell, 350°C to 1800°C Temperature Range, 1.6 μm Spectral Range