Edge Wound Heater

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Tempsens offers a specially designed and developed edge wound heater which is also known as a bayonet heater. Edge wound elements are used in applications where utmost power is required in a limited space. These elements replace rod elements in furnaces requiring more power and are used to convert gas-fired furnaces to electric heating. Different furnaces such as roller hearth, pit, batch, low-temperature aluminium tempering furnaces, and high-temperature exothermic gas generators use these heating elements to meet their heating requirement. A nickel-chromium alloy (80/20 or 70/20) forms the basis of these heaters. It delivers maximum radiation of the surface area of the element and delivers high wattage in a limited area.



  • Higher power density
  • Easy to install, replace and install
  • Long service life at all temperatures
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Repairable to extend the service life



1. Heating element Nichrome 80:20, ferritic alloys Mara FeCrAl

2. Diameter Up to 160 mm

3. High resistance strip of edge bending in coil form which is wound on high aluminium ceramic bobbins.

  • Heating Element Material

    NiCr alloy (80/20 or 70/30)

  • Wattage

    65 kW

  • Maximum Temperature

    1950 degree F (1050 degree C)

  • Length