Box / Chamber Furnace - BF/CF

Chamber furnaces are usually rugged, refractory based construction or lightweight ceramic fiber board and insulation based in construction.

Heating elements could be Nichrome, FeCrAl, silicon carbide or molybdenum disilicide depending on the temperature and process.These furnaces can be used for hardening, annealing, normalizing, sintering, tempering, stress relieving, pre-heating etc. The entire range, size and temperature can be determined by individual need and requirement. The door design can be Hinge Type or Vertical Lifting as per chamber size.

  • Maximum Temperature


  • Heating Element

    FeCrAl/ SiC / MoSi2

  • Insulation

    Ultra High Alumina Low Thermal Mass Insulation

  • Temperature Control

    Microprocessor Based PID Controller

  • Safety Controller

    For Over Heat Protection

  • Power Control

    through thyristor or SSR unit