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Tubular furnaces are designed for sample testing under gas/vacuum atmosphere they are available in customize size and options with water-cooled flange. Maximum design temperature of the furnace is up to 1800°C.

The various applications include ageing, annealing, brazing, calcination, catalyst research, CIM, coating, CVD, degassing, drying, hardening, MIM, mini-plants, pyrolysis, sintering, soldering, sublimation, synthesis, tempering, test fuel cells, thermocouple calibrationTempsens is ISO and CE certified Laboratory & Industrial furnace manufacturers and suppliers. Tempsens has wide range of tubular furnaces with different tube sizes and Temperature range up to 1800 deg C.

Standard Features

  • Maximum operating temperature 1800°C
  • High Alumina/Quartz ceramic tubes
  • Advancerefractoryinterior,usedincombinationwith energy efficient low thermal mass insulation.
  • Multi Zone temperature control for better uniformity.
  • Equipped with thermocouple break protection that help preventing thermocouple failure run away.
  • Power control through Solid state relay or Thyristor unit provides low noise operation.
  • Maximum Temperature


  • Heating Element

    FeCrAl  /Silicon Carbide/MoSi2

  • Temperature Controller

    Microprocessor-based PID controller

  • Tube Material

    High-density alumina/ Quartz

  • External Chamber Construction

    MS Powder Coated / 304 Grade Stainless Steel (Optional)

  • Internal Chamber Construction

    Vacuum formed ultra-high purity alumina low thermal mass insulation with pre-sintered fibre insulation board

Model Inside Dimensions (mm) Power (kW) Heating Element Shop
TF 1200 50x200 & 80x250 2.8 FeCrAl Buy
TF 1400 50x200 & 80x250 3.5 Silicon Carbide Buy
TF 1600 50x200 & 80x250 4.0 Molybdenum Disilicide Buy
TF 1800 50x200 & 80x250 4.0 Molybdenum Disilicide Buy

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