Noble Metal Thermocouples

Noble Metal Thermocouples are manufactured with precious or noble metals like Platinum and Rhodium. Noble metal thermocouples can be used in oxidizing or inert applications and must be used with a ceramic protection tube surrounding the thermocouple element. These are normally used for high-temperature applications. These sensors are usually fragile and must not be used in applications that are reducing or in applications that contain metallic vapors.

  • Type

    R, S, B

  • Element Diameter

    0.30, 0.35, 0.4, 0.45, 0.5 mm other sizes on request

  • Sheath Material

    Recrystallized Alumina Ceramic(C-799), 610, Inconel, Silicon Carbide, Platinum, etc

  • Configuration

    Simplex/ Duplex/ Multipoint

  • Special

    Hot Blast & Stove Dome Thermocouples, Tri-Level Thermocouples, Crown Thermocouples

Type Names of Materials Application Range PDF's Application
R Platinum 13% Rhodium(+) Platinum (-) 0 to 1450ºC Pdf Inert Media, Oxidizing media
S Platinum 10% Rhodium (+)
Platinum (-)
0 to 1450ºC Pdf Inert Media, Oxidizing media
B Platinum30% Rhodium (+)
Platinum 6% Rhodium (-)
800 to 1700ºC Pdf Inert Media, Oxidizing media