Infrared Radiant Heater

Infrared radiant heaters are electric heaters specifically designed to emit infrared heat radiation, where heating by other means is not ideal. It is the most usable application where movable object heat like float glass, movable mold heating, drying of paint, etc. Different lengths and sizes are available to meet specifications. IR heaters are high-intensity infrared radiation heaters used where high temperatures are necessary. They are designed to work in large and exposed areas and heavy-duty projects.


  • Heating Element with high emissivity coating
  • Stainless steel assembling plate & threaded studs for mounting
  • Insulation fiber pad between element & plate
  • Ceramic insulation bead between element & plate
  • Terminal strip for connection
  • Power

    Up to 10 kW

  • Watt Density

    1 to 10 W/cm2

  • Temperature Range

    Up to 600oC

  • Control

    Thermocouple, thermostat for temperature control

Application Areas

  • Float glass heating
  • Movable mold preheating
  • Conveyor or batch type ovens, Drying, Curing
  • Industrial applications with medium intensity infrared heat: Paint spray, Booths, Curing, and Drying Softening resins.
  • High-intensity heat applications