Frost Free Heating Cables

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Tempsens Frost Free Heating Cable are used in colder climates to keep water flowing by preventing it from freezing in pipe lines. It can also heat the water passing through your clients' pipes. It is often used in mountainous areas and places where the temperature goes below freezing. It's commonly found in metallic and plastic water pipelines, sanitary pipes, and water containers, among other things. The key USP of Tempsens Heater's Freeze Protection is built-in thermostatic control. If in severe cold, this specifically engineered cable maintains a constant flow of water

Frost Free Heating Cables Models


Frost Free Heating Cable (FFHC-SY-10)

0.076mm2 /0.30mm2 CuNi44/SS/Kanthal- Single Core, PVC Insulation, Power Output 10 Watt / Meter