Heating Skid Systems

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Fuel Gas Heater Skids are sub-assembly of a complete fuel gas conditioning system or fuel gas filtration package skids. The heating systems are used to preheat the fuel gas to the desired temperature at a specified pressure and flow rate, prior to feeding to the actual process or further circulations.

The specially designed Fuel gas heating skids help to monitor, regulate the gas flow with multiple safety features for trouble-free and risk-free operation. The system is designed considering the incoming gas properties along environmental conditions to achieve the desired outlet flow conditions.

The skids are generally used for preheating the gas above its dew point, prior to feeding into the other equipment such as Gas operated turbines, generators, or other process applications. The system can also be used for superheating the gas for other industrial applications.


Each fuel gas heater skid is a custom-made design to suit respective process specifications. A typical Fuel gas heater skid system consists of:-

  • Electric Heater Bundle
  • Pressure Vessel or housing for the heater bundle
  • Control panel for the heater operation control
  • Temperature sensors such as RTDs, Thermocouples, Temperature transmitters
  • Pressure safety valve
  • Valves for flow control
  • Power & Instrument Wiring
  • Skid base for easy installation at site

3D Design Model

3D Design Model