Mica Strip Heater

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Strip Heaters are an outstanding industrial heating product and are extremely effective in surface heating applications. They are composed of resistance wire, uniformly coiled and stretched inside a ceramic insulator along the length and width of the heater to ensure uniform heating.

The assembly is embedded in a stainless steel sheath to have high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance and is filled with high purity magnesium oxide to remove air pockets and thus providing excellent thermal conductivity and dielectric strength.

For air heating applications, strip heaters are incorporated with fins to maximize surface area to increase heat transfer rates and thus provides faster and more efficient heating. Finned Strip Heaters are used for both forced and natural convection air heating. Continuous spiral fins are permanently furnace brazed to the sheath.


Features and Benefits

  • Available with or without mounting tabs
  • Easy and economic to install
  • Corrosion and vibration resistant
  • Durable, versatile and easy to control
  • Uniform Heat Distribution
  • Suitable for low to medium temperatures



  • Blow Molding
  • Heating Rubber Platten
  • Compression moulding
  • Heating inks
  • Sealing bars
  • Food warming
  • Packaging and sealing
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Hot Plates and ovens
  • Sheath Material

    Stainless steel

  • Maximum Sheath Temperature


  • Maximum Watt Density

    45 W/in2

  • Maximum Voltage

    Up to 480V

  • Sizes

    Minimum 5/8” wide, 3/16” Thick, 5 ½” to 48” length

  • Wattage Tolerance

    +5%, -10%

  • Resistance Tolerance

    +10%, -5% 



1. Nickel Chromium Resistance Ribbon uniformly wounded for even heat distribution.

2. Mica Strip specially selected mica strip for maximum heater life.

3.Mica Insulation high-grade mica used for insulation, for excellent thermal conductivity and dielectric strength.

4.Stainless steel sheath for oxidation and corrosion resistance in a wide variety of environment. Suitable for temperatures as high as 650°C.


Termination Options

Strip Heater with Both End Mounting Strip Heater with Offset Mounting
Strip Heater with Parallel Mounting Strip Heater with Tandem Mounting
Strip Heater with Lead Wire on Side Strip Heater with Lead Wire on Top
Lead Wire SIde
Lead Wire Top