Refractory Thermocouples

Refractory Metal Thermocouples are manufactured from exotic metals Tungsten and Rhenium. These metals are expensive, difficult to manufacture and are brittle. These are used for high temperature, reducing or vacuum atmosphere conditions.

  • Type

    G, C, D

  • Sheath Diameter

    1.6, 3.2, 6.4, 8.0 mm

  • Sheath Material

    Tantalum, Molybdenum, Inconel 600, Ceramic etc

  • Standard Transition Sleeve

    SS316 or INCONEL

  • Insulation Material

    Magnesium Oxide, Aluminium Oxide, Beryllium Oxide, Hafnium Oxide

Type Names of Materials Application Range PDF's Application
C Tungsten5% Rhenium (+)
Tungsten26% Rhenium(-)
0 to 2320ºC Pdf Vacuum Inert and Reducing
D Tungsten 3% rhenium(+)  Tungsten 26% rhenium (-) 0 to 2320ºC Pdf Vacuum Inert and Reducing
G Tungsten(+)
Tungsten 26% Rhenium (-)
0 to 2320ºC   Vacuum Inert and Reducing