Bottom Loading Furnace - BLF

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Bottom loading furnaces are designed for uniform thermal distribution inside the chamber, easy loading and unloading of the sample with help of lifting arrangement. Bottom loading furnaces are ideal to achieve a variety of heating-cooling cycles without sacrificing temperature uniformity or product quality. These furnaces are well suited for calcining, firing and sintering oxide ceramic parts (i.e., alumina, zirconia), technical ceramics, co-fired substrate materials, capacitors, filters, thermistors, ferrites.

Thehigh-temperaturebottomloadingfurnacesareadditionally equipped with a drying as well as a forced cooling function. For residual drying, the oven remains open gapwise during heating up to a defined temperature and thus ensures reliable removal of moisture. For accelerated cooling, the furnace is automatically opened step by step under program control.

  • Maximum Operating Temperature


  • Heating Element

    FeCrAl /Silicon Carbide/MoSi2

  • Temperature Controller

    Microprocessor based PID controller

  • Bottom Lifting Arrangement

    Bottom lifting plate fitted with DC motor ensure smooth lifting & lowering.

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Model Liters Inside Dimensions(mm) Power (kW) Heating Element Shop
BLF 1200 1.8 120x120x120 2.8 FeCrAl Buy
BLF 1500 1.8 120x120x120 3.0 Silicon Carbide Buy
BLF 1800 1.8 120x120x120 3.0 Molybdenum Disilicide Buy