Duct Heater

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Duct heaters are devices that are an assembly of multiple heating elements mounted in a plate or casing and used to heat the air in a non-pressurized condition. The Heater bundle is usually inserted inside a duct line or an insulated body through which air passes and gets heated up to the required temperature.

Duct heater elements can be of open coil, tubular, or finned tubular heating elements, depending upon the application, temperature, etc. If an application needs a very large capacity of heat duty, several smaller capacities the duct heater bundles can be made and assembled in series. This will help not only to get the desired temperature at varying process conditions but also eases the job of maintenance and spare cost.

Features and Benefits

  • Energy efficient
  • Safe Design
  • Environment friendly, No Hazardous smoke, NOx & SOx gas generation.
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistance
  • User-friendly system.Easy to install & operate.
  • Durable and easy maintenance
  • Rugged construction eliminates the hazard of electric shock
  • The reinforced frame allows for minimum vibration
  • Minimal heat loss.
  • Very small footprints are required. Can be installed in any existing ducts with little access
  • Rating

    From 0.5kW 2000kW (Max) in Single or combination

  • Design Temperature

    -40°C to 600° C

  • Duct Body

    MS / SS

  • Insulation

    Ceramic Glass Wool

  • Cladding

    SS / Aluminum

  • Terminal Enclosure*

    Weatherproof or Flameproof

  • Control System

    Thyristor control or Contactor control or Thermostatic control ( Low wattage & single-phase systems)

  • Protections & Control

    Element Skin Temperature Control Process Temperature Control Earth Leakage Protection. Overload Current Protection.

  • Installation

    Horizontal / Vertical

Application Areas

  • Air Drying Operations ( Paintings, pellets drying, drying application in Process)
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Humidity control
  • Comfort Air Heating for the building (HVAC)
  • Core Drying
  • Chemical pellets dry heating
  • Booster Air
  • Air Preheating
  • Secondary heating
  • Multi-zone Reheating
  • Resistor Load Banks