Thermal Profiling System

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lt is impossible to have dependable production without quality management. The expectation is growing and customers requirements must be addressed. In most of the industries, proper monitoring of temperature with time plays an important role in the quality of products. Whether it can be painted/powder coating industries, oven manufactures, automobile industries, and many more.

At Tempsens, we have indigenously developed a thermal profiling system, consist of a Data Logger with a Thermal Barrier Box. The data is collected and stored in the data logger. While the Thermal barrier Jrotects electronics of the data logger from the prevailing temperature in the oven/furnace

The new-age data logger Smartrack 10 is constructed using a solid block of aluminum and is perfect for monitoring your day-to-day temperature requirements. It comes with 10 channels of thermocouples of various types namely K, J, E, and T providing a wide temperature measurement range and upto 50,000
temperature readings per channel with date and time.