Air Heater

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Tempsens offer Air Heaters which feature a high-temperature resistance wire open coil that is electrically isolated in a stainless steel sheath. Because the air being heated passes directly over the resistance wire, maximum heat transfer efficiency is achieved. 
Air Heaters are used for heat staking, plastic welding, laminating, drying, heat sealing, and any other operation where air needs to be heated up to 500°C.


  • Fast heat uptime
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • Easy and inexpensive replacement


  • Hot Air Dryer
  • Sheath Material


  • Sheath Outer Diameter

    63.5mm, 101.6mm

  • Watt Density

    Up to 77 W/inch2

  • Glass Wool Insulation

    Up to 1200°C

  • Wattage Tolerance

    +5%, -10%

  • Resistance Tolerance

    +5%, -10%



Air Heater Construction1. Nickel chromium Resistance wire coils for maximum heater life evenly wounded for even heat distribution

2. Mica Sheet for holding coils in place and are dielectric, lightweight, resilient, and stable at high temperatures.

3. Mica Insulation has the dielectric property to isolate high resistance coil from the sheath.

4. Stainless Steel Sheath for corrosion resistance and high strength.

5. Teflon coated control cable & thermistor cable for superior insulation and suitable for high voltage application.

6. Glass wool insulation for high thermal resistance with low thermal conductivity.