Roof & Gutter Snow Melting Cables

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Tempsens Roof & Gutter Snow Melting Cables provides the most effective approach to heat a Roof & Gutter uniformly to de-icing the snow. Direct heating will give a faster reaction time and more temperature control options. Any snow on the Roof & Gutter will de-ice rapidly with safety. Roof & Gutter Snow Melting Cables are hygienic, safe and economical. These are heavy duty, low heat out put cables, mostly used for any kind of roof and gutters to keep them in load free condition in all seasons. This cable is ideal for ice and snow melting applications such as roof of apartment & automobile parking as well as these can be used in driveways, pavement, outdoor steps, ramps, and drainage areas.


Shielding Coverage 100% Coverage
Bending Radius 5 times of cable thickness
Jacketing Heat Resistant and Flame Retardant Jacketing
Flexibility of Cable Excellent Flexibility for easy installation
Long Cold Lead 5 meter cold tail (Can be customized as per requirement)
Comfort Higher degrees of comfort can be achieved by using heating cables with close and consistent spacing, as well as temperature controller to determine temperature needs.
Range Standard heat loads are available in 300 watt to 4500 watt. As part of the offered product range, several sizes for various types / sizes of flooring are also available.

In addition to this broad range, cables can be customized to meet specific length requirements, as well as heat loads and voltage needs.


  • Easy installation and can be installed in any area of the roof.
  • Can be an excellent option for low-energy homes.
  • It distributes heat where it is needed, resulting in maximum heat efficiency and only very little heat loss.
  • Easy to control required temperature in all weather by digital temperature controller with thermostat.
  • For optimal protection, these cables are insulated using XPLE on both the conductors and PVC (HR-FR) on the outer jacket.
  • It aids the consumers in cold regions, when temperatures drop below zero degrees, in reducing roof damage and preventing icicles and frozen facades.
  • Marathon Roof & Gutter Snow Melting Cables comes with a 5 meter long cold lead wire for power connection.

Maintenance & Warranty

Marathon heating cable requires no maintenance for the remainder of its warrantied life when installed according to
the installation instructions and adequate testing has been completed throughout.
Marathon warranty protects the Marathon heating cable for a period of 20 years against manufacturer's faults.


Roof & Gutter Snow Melting Cables Models


Roof & Gutter Snow Melting Cable (RGSMC-SX-30)

0.11mm2 /0.39mm2 CuNi/SS- Single Core, XLPE Insulation, TPC 0.75mm² (Solid) Earth Wire, Power Output 30 Watt / Meter


Roof & Gutter Snow Melting Cable (RGSMC-SX-45)

0.11mm2 /0.39mm2 CuNi/SS- Single Core, XLPE Insulation, TPC 0.75mm² (Solid) Earth Wire, Power Output 45 Watt / Meter