Fibre Optic Sensor

Tempsens Fluorescence Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring System senses temperature by measuring fluorescence decay time. Temperature Range : -20°C - 200°C

Fibre Optic Sensor Models


Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor for Switchgear Busbar

The TQ-12 type fiber optic temperature monitoring systems from Tempsens offers real time and condition based temperature monitoring of Switchgear hot spot which gives situational awareness of Switchgear health and keep equipment from catastrophe failure.


Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor for RMU Hotspot

Ring main unit is one of the key electric equipment in power distribution network, excess heat on its inner cable connections is prone to cause oxidation, resulting in a substantial decline in life span of the cable and may lead to catastrophic failure.


Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring System for Winding Hot Spot of Transformers

Transformer winding hot points is the highest temperature in the insulation system of the winding. It is well known that the short-term effects of transformers overheat are reduction in insulation, temporary deterioration of mechanical characteristics.