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The measurement and control of temperature in Industrial processes are important from the point of energy management, productivity and product quality. Many temperatures measuring tasks can be attempted with contact-type sensors like Thermocouples and Resistance Temperature Detectors. However, if the measurement needs a fast response, no adverse effects on temperatures and materials, measurement of moving objects, objects which are difficult to access, electricity conducting objects, Small objects or aggressive materials like corrosive and molten metals Infrared non-contact Pyrometer is the right solution.

Infrared Non-contact pyrometers measure object surface temperature without physical contact. However, how is it possible to measure temperatures without physical contact? Every object whose temperature is above absolute zero (-273.15 °C) emits radiation. This emission is heat radiation and is dependent upon temperature. Infrared radiation transports energy. This radiated energy is used to help determine the temperature of a body being measured. Pyrometry, being part of a highly specialised field of measuring techniques, has developed a certain mysterious aura about it. In fact, pyrometers are easy to operate in industrial applications so long as the basic principles are known and observed

Due to its accuracy, speed, economy and specific advantages, pyrometry is well accepted in Industrial and R&D applications.

We offer varieties of pyrometers covering different sensors and filters for specific applications in

General Industry pyrometer, which covers metal, on metal, glass, gas temperature measurement, fast response pyrometers for R&D application, fibre optic pyrometers for high electromagnetic fields, pyrometer for crystal growing, plasma etc.

We also offer a special Pyrometer for Aluminium Industry for Extrusion, billet and aluminium molten metal application.

General Pyrometers

General Pyrometers

Tempsens offers a wide range of pyrometers that can be integrated in all processes where temperature plays an important role.

Aluminium Pyrometers

Aluminium Pyrometers

Specially designed IR Pyrometers for non-contact temperature measurement of aluminium