Aluminum Heat Treatment

Aluminum is steadily replacing steel as the material of choice in today's industrial industry since it is lighter, safer, and more environmentally friendly. To demonstrate that new thermal processing of aluminum parts and products is done to specification, efficiently, and inexpensively, manufacturers wishing to replace old materials with aluminum will need new methodology.

After casting, items such road wheels, cylinder heads, brake callipers, etc. are strengthened by solution treatment and age hardening (T6). This entails heating the aluminium castings to a predetermined temperature, quenching them in water, and then reheating them. To specifically track the entire T6 process, the Thermal Profiling System was designed.

 To meet this need, Tempsens provides a selection of temperature profiling solutions made especially for use in the aluminum manufacturing industry.


  • Aluminum heat treatment process(T6) with age hardening process.
  • Temperature Uniformity Survey for aluminum alloys Industries.