Electronics Soldering Process - Reflow Oven

The Thermal profiling System allows you to continuously monitor the temperatures for all soldering applications, including wave, reflow, vapour phase, selective, and rework stations.

The thermal profiling system is perfect for semiconductor and electronics production applications since it:

  • Thermal profiling that is repeatable to allow for effective setup for the different production changes needed during the day.
  • Identification of time spent above the melting point to ensure soldered product meets supplier specification.
  • Calculation of the amount of time spent above the melting point to guarantee that the soldered product complies with supplier requirements.
  • improved process control to meet the temperature requirements for various components.

At each step of the process, the system provides information and insight. This can optimise the quality of your products, streamline your operations, and greatly enhance your outcomes. Additionally, the system's adaptability allows it to be employed in the production of a wide variety of electrical component types. To meet this need, Tempsens provides a selection of temperature profiling solutions made especially for use in the electronics soldering process and reflow oven temperature process.

 The thermal profiling System, features the simple-to-use Data logger, and thermal barriers (TBB-045).