Tempsens make Pyrowell:-
Temperature Range: 350°C to 1800°C
Spectral Range:1.6 μm
Photodetector Type: InGaAs
Accuracy & Repeatability: ± 0.3% of measured value or ± 2°C whichever is greater
Response Time: <2 sec
Analog Output: 4 - 20mA/ Thermocouple O/P (R, S, B)
Digital Output: RS 232/ 485, USB 2.0

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Pyrowell is a combination of Infrared Non-contact pyrometer in a housing like a thermocouple. The infrared sensor sits on top of the holding tube, and is connected to the electronics box by a special cable. This system gives an economic, accurate and fast temperature measuring solution for high temperature applications. Pyrowell is a good alternate to Precious metal Thermocouples like Type R, S & B, for high temperature applications. Since the elements are made of Platinum and Rhodium these thermocouples types are very expensive, and are very fragile to shock and vibration. Also, ingress of gases through the protection tube will also effect the accuracy and life of these thermocouples.

Since pyrowell is a non-contact device, it gives trouble free operation for years. The one end closed sighting tube works as a perfect black body hence like other Infrared sensors no need of setting of emissivity. The one end closed tube assures very high accuracy of measurement and has the same installation like a thermocouple.

Pyrowell offers an alternate means of temperature measurement. The system can be field calibrated and the drift is less than 0.5 deg per year, which can be adjusted. The output for Pyrowell can be adjusted in the field to 4-20 mA or thermocouple mV output (equivalent to type R/S/B thermocouple), this provides the flexibility to the customer to change Pyrowell with an existing thermocouple, keeping the same cabling. Pyrowell also offers a digital display, an ON/OFF controller; the digital outputs from the electronic box can be used for datalogging through infrasoft software.


Temperature Range (Analog sub-range adjustable) 350°C to 1800°C
Spectral Range 1.6 μm
Photodetector Type InGaAs
Response Time <2 sec
Accuracy & Repeatability ± 0.3% of measured value or ± 2°C whichever is greater
Analog Output 4 - 20mA/ Thermocouple O/P (K, J, R, S, B)
Digital Output RS 232/ 485, USB 2.0
Adjustable Parameters and Features via Software Response Time, Analog Scale (Sub Range), Unit Of Temperature (°C/°F) etc
Power Supply 24 V DC
Display Temperature output
Protection Class IP65
Housing Optical head-Stainless Steel, Electronic Box: Zinc
Operating Humidity 10-95%, non-condensing conditions
Length Below Flange 600, 750, 900, 1000 mm
Ceramic Thermowell Flange Size
1 Inch
Length below Flange 600, 750, 900, 1000 mm
Ceramic Tube (OD x ID mm) 24 x 18
Ceramic Tube Material C 799 (99.7% Al O )

Key Features

  • High Accuracy
  • Fast Response
  • High Stability
  • Long Life
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to Install


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