Glass furnace, fore hearth, Feeder

Type - Fiber Optics Pyrometers

Temperature Range - 600 to 1800°C

Application – Furnace Crown, fore hearth /Feeder, Furnace Side wall, Working End, Molten Glass Temperature Measurement

Float Glass Production

Type - Glass Surface

Temperature Range – 300 to 1400°C

Application – Glass surface in float glass

Glass Gob Pyrometer

Type- Glass Glob

Temperature Range – 600 to 2500°C

Application Area – Temperature inside glass glob

Portable Glass Mould Thermometer

Type - General Application

Temperature Range – 250 to 600°C

Application Area – Glass mould temperature measurement

Portable Hand Held Pyrometer

Type - General Application

Temperature Range – 210 to 3000°C

Application Area – Glass Mould Temperature Measurement