Industrial Heaters

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Tempsens offers industrial heating solutions for processes which can be broadly classified as low-temperature (to about 400 °C), medium-temperature (between 400 and 1,150 °C), and high-temperature (beyond 1,150 °C).

Low-temperature processes include baking and drying, curing finishes, soldering, molding and shaping plastics. Medium temperature processes include melting plastics and some non-metals for casting or reshaping, as well as annealing, stress-relieving and heat-treating metals. High-temperature processes include steel making, brazing, welding, casting metals, cutting, smelting and the preparation of some chemicals.

All products offered are ISO 9001:2008, CE and UL certified

CE Marking  IEC  CSA UR Underwriters Laboratories

Component Heaters

Component Heaters are available in different model types common types are cartridge heaters, silicon rubber heater etc.

Process Heaters

Process heaters are in direct contact with the process and transfer heat through convection or radiant heat transfer

Furnace Heaters

Furnace heaters include Bobbin Heater, Edge Wound Heater, Silicon Carbide heater etc.