Heat Flux Sensor

Heat flux sensor is a transducer that generates an electrical signal proportional to the total heat rate applied to the surface of the sensor. The measured heat rate is divided by the surface area of the sensor to determine the heat flux. Careful design, rugged quality construction and versatile mounting configurations. Each transducer will provide a self-generated 10-millivolts (nominal) output at the design heat flux level. Heat Flux gauge absorbs heat in a thin metallic circular foil and transfer the heat radially (parallel to the absorbing surface) to the heat sink welded around the periphery of the foil.The emf output is generated by a single differential thermocouple between the foil center temperature and foil edge temperature.

heat_flux _sensor

Sensors are used in many applications like in ground and flight aerospace testing, Fire testing, heat flux standards for flammability testing.

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