Tubular Heater

  • Heating of any fluid or surface without creating hazardious release.
  • Highly efficient and safe way of heating.
  • Versatile, rugged construction and dependable
  • Sheath element- Copper/SS/ Alloy 600/ Alloy800 series/ Titanium
  • The watt density, size, shape and sheath of tubular heater vary as per their application.
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Tubular Electric heater is a one of the Best option for the modern world, which is safest way to heat any fluid or surface without creating gases or hazardous releases. Tubular heaters are typically a manufactured using a resistive coil placed inside a Metal tube and filled inside with insulating materials such as Magnesium oxide. The heating coil placed at the centre with uniform pitches, separated from the outer metal sheath by a compacted Magnesium oxide ensures that No electric shock is transferred to the outer surface. At the same time the all the heat energy produced is transferred to the process through outer body. Hence the Heater is regarded as one of the highly efficient and safe way of heating.

Tubular heaters Known for its versatility, ruggedness and dependability, tubular heaters can. They can be designed in a wide range of electrical ratings, sizes, supply configurations, and materials. The Heaters can be formed in to any shape to suit a specific application. The heaters can be used for heating the process fluids ( gas, liquid, vapour etc) or for a surface heating of metals as well.



Heater Parameters The watt density, size, shape and sheath of each tubular heater and its related elements vary as per their application.
Sheath Material Copper, Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316, SS321) , Incoloy, Titanium, Other alloys as per application selection
Sheath Length Up To 10 mtr.
Element Diameter 6mm, 8mm, 11mm, 12.5, 13.7mm, 16mm and 25mm


Key Features

  • Environment friendly, No Hazardous smoke, NOx & SOx gas generation.
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistance
  • Highly efficient and safe way of heating.
  • Versatile, rugged construction and dependable
  • Flexible enough to be formed in any required shape
  • Various termination option available




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