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The triple point of water is the most important defining thermometric fixed point used in the calibration of thermometers. The triple point of water cell is used to create a thermal equilibrium between solid, liquid and vapour phases are independent of ambient pressure. This thermal equilibrium occurs at 273.16 Kelvin or 0.01 degree Celsius. TPW cell is cylindrical borosilicate glass filled with pure water. The water in the cell is high purity and gas-free and have isotropic composition.

TPW IN THERMAL CALIBRATION: Thermal Calibration lab has a facility for Fixed point calibration of SPRTs, HTPRTs and standard thermocouples probe. Fixed point calibration is used for the primary temperature standard in thermal calibration to achieve the lowest possible uncertainties. The triple point of water cell may be the most commonly used type of fixed point and it is used in ITS-90 calibration. Water can exist as a solid, liquid and vapour at 0.01°C.

TEMPSENS TPW CELL: Tempsens TPW cells are manufactured with high-quality borosilicate glass in two sizes mini & Standard. Special procedure for cleaning, ultra-pure water with special degassing technique is used and the cell is flame sealed.


Uncertainty 2mK
Reproducibility <1mK
Dimensions OD -32 mm                                       Total Length- 165mm
Material Borosilicate Glass
Immersion Profile Depth-150 mm                                 Insert Construction-1 hole of 8 mm dia  
Water Used 99.999% Pure distilled water
TPW Cell Type Mini

Key Features

  • Construction of high-quality, specially treated borosilicate glass.
  • Good uncertaininty
  • Center well constructed.


CE Certified


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