Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor for Switchgear Busbar

Temperature Range  : -20°C - 200°C

Does not carry Electrical Current

Immune to EMI, corrosion, vibration, radiation

24x7  hours direct contact & real time measurement

Calibration free

Customizable According to Application

In stock

Part Code: TQ-12



The system senses temperature by measuring fluorescence decay time. The fiber optic sensing probe is attached with rare earth fluorescent material, when rare earth material is excited by specific wavelength light, it will generate visible spectrum which is fluorescence. When the light stops, the time required for the fluorescence to decay depends on the rare earth material temperature . Normally higher temperature comes with shorter decay time.The biggest advantage of this temperature sensing technology is that the temperature measurement result only depends on the decay time of fluorescence, no other variables like intensity of light, transfer efficiency, and degree of coupling.


Temperature Range  -20°C - 200°C
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Number of Channels up to 12 Channels
Temperature Unit °C
Display Mode Digital Tube Display
Response Frequency 1 second per channel (Depend on probes’ position)
Temperature Frequency 1Hz
Optic Interface  ST Optic Connector
Power Supply 220V AC
Power Consumption ﹤6W
Communication Protocol  Modbus
Fiber Optic Length 3m
Working Temperature -20°C - 65°C
Storage Temperature -40°C - 65°C

Key Features

  • Does not or will not carry electrical current
  • Immune to EMI, corrosion, vibration, radiation
  • Chemically Inert, Bio-safe
  •  Can be positioned in hard-to-reach or view places
  •  Can measure small or precise locations
  •  7*24 hours direct contact & real time measurement
  •  Calibration free
  •  High Accuracy & Stability
  •  High Vibration Resistant
  •  Long Life
  •  Customizable According to Application


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