K Type Extension Cable PVC-PP-ATC Braiding-PVC P-107

Tempsens Make “K” Type Extension Cable

Conductor : Class 2 Extension Grade Material

Conductor size : 7 X 29 AW (0.50sqmm)

Type of Conductor : Stranded

Core Insulation : PVC

Isolater : Polyster Tape

Screening : Copper Wire Braiding

Outer Sheath Material : PVC

Color Code : As per ANSI MC96.1

Temperature Range : Upto 90 °C

Qty:   1 (1 = 100 Mtr Roll)

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Part Code: P-107-KX-01-A-T



Tempsens offers wide range of Thermocouple, Extension & Compensating Cables suitable for various applications with maximum temperature range up to maximum 1200 Deg C.

Thermocouple Cables have Original thermocouple Grade conductor material having Class 1 accuracy whereas Extension & compensating cables have class 2 accuracy conductor material complying to IEC 584.3 & ANSI MC 96.1 standards. Extension & Compensating wires are used to extend a thermocouple signal form sensor to the instrument for reading


Conductor Material Chromel (+) & Alumel (-)
Extension Grade Class 2
Codnuctor Size
Stranded 7 X 29 AWG
No. of pairs 01
Design PVC - Polyster Tape - Copper Braiding - PVC
Cable formation Tewisted Style
Temperature Range
Up to 90 °C
Colour Code Yellow (+) & Red (-) / Yellow
Colour Code Standard ANSI MC 96.1

Key Features

  • Temp. Up to 90°C
  • Excellent Physical Properties
  • Excellent Di-Electric Constant
  • Excellent Flame Retardant Property
  • Good Heat Resistivity
  • High Thermal Endurance
  • Good Moisture, Chemical Abrasion Resistance


BS 5308

IS 694

ANSI MC 96.1


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