ThermEye 640M

  • Wide temperature range -20°C ~+550°C.
  • 640 x 512 resolution
  • Manual focusing for sharp and clear thermal image.
  • 3.5-inch touch screen for better analysis
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ThermEye 640M

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ThermEye 640M Handheld Thermal Camera is high-resolution and manually focused. It is provided with a built-in self developed 12μm high-performance 640×512 infrared detector and a 5,000,000-pixel visible light camera of 35 mK thermal sensitivity and 30 Hz high frame rate. With its accurate manual focusing function, it can save focusing time and provide accurate data and clear images to meet the requirements of research and analysis work. With its excellent characteristics, ThermEye 640M Handheld Thermal Camera is the right-hand assistant for engineers in scientific research, professional equipment, and building inspection.


Technical Specifications

Model ThermEye 640M
Detector Type Uncooled Micro bolometer
Resolution 640x512
Spectral Band 7.5 ~ 14 μm
Pixel Pitch 12 μm
NETD <35mK
IFOV 0.63mrad
Frame Rate 30Hz
Focal Length 19mm
FOV 48°x38°
Focusing Mode Manual focus
Measurement Range -20°C ~ 150°C ~ 100°C ~ 550°C
Measurement Accuracy ±2% or ±2°C
The Minimum focus distance 10 cm
Measurement mode Center spot/hot and cold spot tracking and temperature display
Custom temperature measurement tools

Movable spot/line/area temperature measurement, up to 10 spots, 10 areas, 10 lines.

Temperature trend can be viewed via temperature measurement line.

Temperature measurement unit Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
Emissivity settings 0.01-1.00, step length 0.01
Ambient temperature settings -10~50°C, step length 1°C
Distance settings 1-20m, step length 1m
Digital zoom 1×, 2×, 4×, 8×
Image mode Thermal, dual-spectrum fusion, visible light, PIP
Color palettes 11 kinds
Temperature alarm Support
Alarm type Image alarm
Temperature Scale Auto/Manual
Isotherm Support custom color palettes setting within a certain temperature range
Temperature video recording Yes, support frame rate setting between 0.05s and 100s
Smart patrol Yes, support custom general mode
Laser Pointer Yes
Digital camera 5MP
Image/Video Storage JPG images with temperature data in thermal and visible light modes; H.264 Video
without temperature data and IRV video with temperature data
Voice annotation Yes
Language English, Polish, Russian, Korean, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, French,
Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese
Screen 3.5-inch touch screen (480 x 640)
Image naming Auto/manual input, QR code scanning
Memory card Standard 32GB MicroSD card
Battery type Rechargeable and detachable Lithium battery 6500 (milliAH)
Power interface USB Type-C
Data Communication Interfaces USB, WiFi
Charging time about 3h
Battery operating time about 5h
Impact and Vibration Impact 25g (IEC 60068-2-27); vibration 2.5g (IEC60068-2-6)
Power Management Interfaces Auto shutdown: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, off)
Analysis software PC (Infrared analysis software) or mobile (IOS/Android APP)
Tripod mounting interface 1/4′′-20-UNC
Operating temperature range -10~+50°C
Storage temperature range -20~+60°C
RH 10% ~ 95%,no condensation
Drop 2m
Encapsulation IP54(IEC 60529)
Shock &Vibration Shock 25g(IEC 60068-2-27); Vibration 2.5g(IEC60068-2-6)
Camera Dimension(L x W x H) 258.4 × 105.1 ×102.3mm
Weight about 683.5g
Standard accessories 5V 3A power adapter(with various plugs to fit global regions), USB cable, SD card,
battery×2, QSG, battery charger, calibration certificate, packaging list,hard transport


Key Features

  • Real 320,000 real-time infrared temperature measurement points + 5,000,000-pixel visible light resolution.
  • High resolution, high frame rate, high accuracy, wide range.
  • USB plug and analyze, support full-frame real-time transmission and analysis of temperature information.
  • Three-point temperature display, custom point/line/area temperature measurement.
  • Complete analysis data on PC, easy to operate the APP.
  • Built-in 5 image modes+10 color palettes.
  • Support full-frame high/low temperature alarm and timed photographing.
  • Solid and durable, IP54 + 2m-drop protection.


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