ThermCAM-80 Low Resolution Economical Thermal Camera

Economic & Modern Day Alternative For Spot Temperature Measurement, IR Thermometer

Temperature Measurement Range:  -20°C to 120°C | 100°C to 1000°C (Switchable)

  • Uncooled FPA Detector with 80 x 80pixels resolution.
  • Histogram and Isotherm visualization.
  • ThermCAM-80 works at LWIR range from 8 - 14 μm @25 fps.


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ThermCAM-80 Thermal imaging camera offers a broad range of applications across several industries. Currently, industries are using spot temperature pyrometers to measure the temperature of a critical point. ThermCAM-80 can replace such pyrometers with better area coverage and will also give individual pixel temperatures. Also ThermCAM-80 has the advantage of showing the thermal image which makes it more suitable for continuous monitoring of critical assets. High resolution, like 640x480 pixels, is not always needed in industrial applications. Sometimes we just need to identify faults. So ThermCAM-80, 80x80 pixels, is the most economic solution.


Performance Specifications
Temperature Range -20°C to 120°C | 100°C to 1000°C (Switchable)
Optional Resolution 80 x 80 pixels
Detector Uncooled FPA Detector
Spectral Range 8 to 14 μm
Pixel Pitch 35 μm
Frequency @25Hz
Sensitivity / NETD <100mK@f1.0, 50Hz 300 K
Accuracy ±2% of reading in °C or °K (Ambient temp @25°C)
Emissivity 0.01 - 1.0 adjustable


Interface Specifications
Video 100MBit/s Ethernet
Connection Power Connector, RJ-45 Ethernet Connector
Video Format for Saving MPEG-4, AVI
Image Format for Saving BMP/JPEG
Output 4 - 20mA | 1 TTL output


Electrical Specifications
Power Supply 12 to 28 V DC
Power Consumption 4 Watt Max.


Environmental / Mechanical Specifications
Ambient Temperature  0°C - 50°C 
Storage Temperature -40°C - 70°C
Relative Humidity ≤95% non-condensing
Shock Resilience 25G
Vibration Resilience 2G
Weight ~550g
Protection Class IP65
Size 95 x 60 x 60 mm
Mounting 1/4” UNC, 3/8” UNC


Additional I/O Module Specifications
Analog Output 4 Channel Analog Current Output (4 - 20mA)
Digital Input 2 Isolated Inputs
Digital Output 2 Relay Outputs
Power Supply 5 V DC


Cooling Jacket Specifications
Inlet/Outlet (Cooling) ½" NPT Thread
Inlet For Air Purging PU Pipe suitable for 6mm nozzle
Water Flow Rate 6-8 L/min
Air Pressure Min. 3 bar (Moist Free)
Mounting 1/4” UNC, 3/8” UNC


Key Features

  • Configurable ROI's: point, line, free shape
  • Histogram and isotherm visualization
  • Hot and cold spot detection
  • Color palette scaling
  • Trend charts
  • Alarm output
  • Video and Image export
  • Server client configuration


  • 12 VDC Power Cord 
  • Cooling Jacket
  • Wall Mounting
  • Vortex Tube
  • Infraview Software
  • Ethernet Cable 10Mtr. 
  • Lens


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