Thermocouple with Bayonet and Cable

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Tempsens make Thermocouple with Bayonut and cable model; in this model the bayonet and spring arrangement helps the hot end part of the thermocouple to maintain good contact with the process. These sensors find applications in Plastic extruders, injection molding machines etc.

Key features:

Thermocouple Types: K, J, N, T and E
Element Type: Simplex, Duplex
Sheath Materials: SS 316, SS 310, Inconel 600
Sheath Diameters(mm) : 3, 4.5, 6 and 8
Calibration Standard: ANSI MC96.1
Adjsutable Bayonut for good contact with process


Thermocouple Element Chromel-Alumel (Simplex) (K)Simplex
Junction Style Ungrounded - UN
Sheath Material SS 316
Sheath Outer Diameter 3
Spring Length 50mm
Sheath Length 50mm
2Mtr.Teflon/Teflon/SS Braided (B)
Calibration Standard ANSI MC 96.1



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