R-101 Standard RTD with Head & Fitting

Tempsens Make Rtd:-

Element: Pt-100x1, Type: Simplex, 3 Wire

Head: Die Cast Alu. Weather Proof Ip-67 Terminal & Ceramic Block,

Cable Entry: 1/2" Npt(F) With Cable Gland,

Standard: Cali: Din-43760,    

Insulation: Mineral Insulated,

Sheath Material: SS-316,

Sheath Dia: 3mm,                                

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Mineral Insulated Resistance Thermometers are made with Platinum-measuring resistors Pt100Ω to DIN IEC 751. The measuring resistor will be connected to the inner conductors, is also embedded, and is surrounded by the metal sheath to form a hermetically sealed assembly. It is with Standard Size Aluminum protection head. Class A/B accuracy conforming to IEC 60751. Extreme temperature range: -200 to +600°C Also Available in PT1000 element. Standard thread sizes are available for Mounting this RTD. It is commonly used to measure the temperature of the water, steam, etc.


Termination Style Die-cast Alu IP-67
(Single Entry)- C1
Element Pt-100x1, Type: Simplex, 3 Wire
Mineral Insulated
Sheath Material  SS316
Sheath Outer Diameter 3mm
Adjustable Compression Fitting ½” NPT
Sheath Length 250mm
Calibration Standard Din-43760

Key Features

  • Element: Pt100x1,Pt100x2
  • Sheath Material: SS316
  • Junction Style: 2Wire, 3Wire, 4Wire
  • Termination Styles:Various head designs in different ingress protections.
  • Available in3,4.5, 6, 8 mm sheath diameters
  • Process Connection (BSP and NPT standard)


Calibration Certificate: Din-43760


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