Automated Substation Hot-Spot Monitoring System

  • Temperature Range: 20°C to 120°C | 100°C to 1000°C
  • Encapsulation: IP 66
  • OS: Window 10 Pro
  • Resolution :384x288 @30 FPS
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Protocol : Pelco-D (250 presets)
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Spark View

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A Typical substation consists of several electrical types of equipment such as CT (Current Transformer), PT (Power Transformer), CB (Circuit Breakers), Surge or Lightning, etc. This equipment generates hot spots due to high voltage or current.

This can cause a breakdown of the entire substation. By using a thermal camera we can get early alters of the hot-spot area and can prevent blackout or power cuto condition. SparkView system is a benecial system for 24/7 hrs. monitoring of a substation.


Visual Camera

Resolution 2 MegaPixel (D&N)
Detector 1/ 2.8 type Exmor CMOS sensor
Zoom 20x optical zoom

Thermal Camera

Resolution 384x288
Temperature 20°C to 120°C | 100°C to 1000°C
Detector Un-cooled FPA detector
Pitch 17μm
Spectral Range 8 to 14μm
Frequency 30 Hz
NETD/ Sensitivity <60mK@f/1.0, 30Hz 300 K
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% of reading in C° or K°
Emissivity (ε) 0.01-1.0 adjustable

Output/ Interface

Camera Output  Ethernet
For PT System RS485
Protocol 20x optical zoom

Pan &Tilt

Rotation Range PAN 360° continuously,
Tilt 125°(-85°~ +40°)
Manual Speed PAN 0.2°~80°/s, Tilt 40°/s
Preset Speed PAN 80°/s, Tilt 0.2°~40°/s


Size 330x197x436 mm
Maximum Rotation Radius 245mm
Weight ~5 kg


Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Encapsulation IP66

Key Features

  • Early detection of faults ensures prevention maintenance.
  • Reduces human activity in critical areas.
  • 24/7 Inspection leading towards the reliable operation.
  • 360° view for maximum coverage.
  • OEM Manufacturers & Best Service.
  • Email & SMS alerts on hot-spot detection.
  • Dashboard and analytics features for future evaluation.


Software : InfraViewTM Software

Thermal Camera

Visual Camera

Pan &Tilt Unit




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