Semi Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer

  • Temperature Range: -200 °C to 670°C
  • Resistance at 0°C 100 ±1Ω
  • Stability 0.01°C


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SSPRT provides an affordable alternative for precision temperature measurement and calibration in labs & fields. Metal Sheathed Semi Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer is widely used as a reference to calibrate various temperature probes, particularly in secondary calibration laboratories. SSPRT is constructed with a 6 mm outer diameter metal sheath of high durability. Inside the sheath, the sensing element is protected to shield the sensor from contamination by free-floating metal ions found within the metal environment at high temperatures. The electrical configuration is a four-wire current potential hookup to eliminate the effect of lead wire resistance. A special powder mixture is filled into the sensor capsule to support the element wire to protect the element from mechanical shocks. The element is housed in a special protective Assembly to ensure minimum drift over long term use.


Resistance at 0°C 100 ±1Ω
Temperature Coefficient
0.00385 Ω/ Ω/°C
Temperature Range -200 °C to 670°C
Sheath Material Inconel 600
Drift ±30m°C at 0°C after 100 hours at 660°C
(6.0 mm X 450 mm)
Extension leads
1.5m Teflon Insulated Copper Cable
Short Term Stability
Handle Dimension
15 mm (OD) X 100 mm( L)
5 Fixed Point Calibration


  • DIN 43760
  • IEC 60751


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