Screw Plug Immersion Heater

  • Threaded Plug, screwed directly in the tank wall or vessel
  • Installtion- Horizontal/ Vertical
  • Can incorporate thermowell 
  • Power rating- 0.1kW to 50kW
  • Watt Density- 0.7 W/sq. cm to 15W/sq. cm
  • Voltage- 120 to 690V AC Single phase or three phase
  • Control- Thermostat/RTD/Thermocouple.
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Screw Plug Heaters are smaller version of Immersion Heaters in which heater flange in replaced with a Threaded Plug. A Single or multiple tubular heating elements that fitted into a thread hexagonal head which are then screwed directly through a threaded coupling in the tank wall or vessel, or installed process line.

Screw plug heaters are an easy way to heat up solutions in smaller containers that may or may not require auto control on temperature. The Heaters can be installed either horizontally or vertically in the tank. The heater is compatible for both Single phase as well as three phase power supply.

The screw plug heaters are also be provided with a Thermo well, in which a temperature sensor can be installed for the Temperature monitoring and control purpose. In most of the applications a simple thermostat will be installed inside the thermo well and pre wired with the installed heater to ensure heater ON / OFF at a pre set temperature. The Thermostat knob can be projected outside the terminal cover for easy access of the operator.


Watt Density 0.7 to 15 W/cm2
Power Rating  0.1 kW to 50 kW
SS , Alloy 600 series, Alloy 800
series, Titanium, copper
Voltage 120 to 690V AC Single phase or
three phase
Terminal Enclosure Safe / Hazardous
Control Thermostat/RTD/Thermocouple
Heating Element Ferritic Alloys- Powder
metallurgical element, Mara
FeCrAl, NiCr 80/20
Customized - Power rating,
voltage, resistance , length,
diameter and other dimensions


Key Features

  • Efficient Heating and operation
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to regulate and maintain
  • Environmental friendly




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