3 Core RTD Cable PTFE - Almyler Screen - PTFE RT-613

Tempsens Make 3 Core RTD Cable

Conductor: Annealed Bare Copper Conductor, as per IS 8130

Conductor size: 14 X 29 AWG (1.0sqmm)

Core Insulation: PTFE

Screening : Almylar Screening with 0.50 Sqmm ATC Drain Wire

Sheath Material: PTFE

Sheath Color : White

Temperature Range : Up to 260 °C

Qty:   1 (1 = 100 Mtr Roll)

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Part Code: RT-613-BC0-03-RRW-T



RTD cable is used to carry the RTD signals to control room or field mounted interments.

It is a type of instrumentation cable in 2,3,4,6 or 8 cores or possibly groups of pairs/triads/quads depending on the type of RTD being used and number of devices being monitored


Conductor Material Annealed Bare Copper Conductor
Codnuctor Size
14 X 29 AWG (1.0 Sqmm)
Conductor Type
No. of Core 03
Design PTFE - Almler Screening with ATC Drain Wire - PTFE
Cable formation Twisted Style
Temperature Range
Upto 260 °C
Core Colour 2 Red & 1 White
Sheath Color White

Key Features

Max. Temp. Up to 260°C
Excellent Heat Resistant
Outstanding Insulating Properties
High Mechanical Strength
Good Thermal Stability
Good Mechanical Strength
Flame retardant
Halogen free


DIN 43760

JSS 51034

JSS 51038


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