R - 341 RTD with 3 Pin Connector

Tempsens Make Rtd With 3 Pin Connector:-
Element: Pt-100x1 ,Pt-100x2
Termination Style: 3 Pin BSM Connector
Type: Simplex, 3 Wire,
Calibration Standard: Din-43760,
Material: SS-316,

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R - 341-R
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In this model, we have the Pt100 resistance element inside a metallic tube closely filled with high purity MgO. This model has got an adjustable compression fitting that enables proper connection to process at the user end. Cold end termination is in the form of a special 3 Pin Connector for quick Connection.


Element Pt-100x1, Type:Simplex, 3 Wire
Mineral Insulated
Sheath Material  SS316
Sheath Outer Diameter 3mm
Termination Style 3 Pin BSM Connector
Sheath Length 250mm
Calibration Standard Din-43760

Key Features

  • Element: Pt100x1,Pt100x2
  • Sheath Material: SS316
  • Junction Style: 2Wire, 3Wire, 4Wire
  • Available in 3,4.5, 6, 8 mm sheath diameter


Calibration Standard : Din-43760


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