R - 273 RTD with Junction Box

  • Element: Pt100x1,Pt100x2
  • Sheath Material: SS316
  • Junction Style: 2Wire, 3Wire, 4Wire
  • Cable: Teflon/Teflon,Teflon SS Braided, FG/FG, FG/FG SS Braided, PVC/PVC
  • Available in 3 ,4.5, 6, 8 mm sheath diameters
  • Mounting (BSP and NPT standard)
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R - 273 - R
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In this model, we have the Pt100 resistance element inside a metallic tube closely filled with high purity MgO. This model has got an adjustable compression fitting with a stub which enables proper connection to process at the user end. Cold end termination is in the form of a rugged cable with Junction Box. This Junction Box is fixed on the Wall/Panel & inside we provide a terminal & ceramic block for connection. It is generally used for field mounting temperature measurement. Junction Box available in standard Size only.


Element Pt-100x1, Type:Simplex, 3 Wire
Mineral Insulated
Sheath Material  SS316
Sheath Outer Diameter 3mm
Adjustable Compression Fitting ½” NPT
Sheath Length 250mm
2 mtr. , Teflon /Teflon Insulated Flexible Cable
Calibration Standard Din-43760



Calibration Standard : Din-43760


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