R-272 RTD (Probe) with Cable and Connector

Tempsens Make RTD with Connector and Cable:-
Type: Simplex, 3 Wire,
Insulation: Mineral Insulated,
Cable: 2 Mtr. Long Teflon/Teflon Insulated Flexible Cable,
Connector: Male/Female,Standard Plug/ Socket (A)
Calibration Standard: Din-43760,
Sheath Material: SS 316

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Mineral Insulated Resistance Thermometers are made with Platinum-measuring resistors Pt100Ω to DIN IEC 751. The measuring resistor will be connected to the inner conductors, is also embedded and is surrounded by the metal sheath to form a hermetically sealed assembly.
Tempsens make RTD with Cable and Connector model have Bakelite handle, which is used as a handheld probe. The hot end is protected inside a metallic tube, which is mounted on the process through adjustable compression fitting as per desired immersion length. This model is also designed with spring seal pot arrangement for wire protection and the cold end terminated as a cable with connector, which can be directly connected to suitable temperature readouts.


Termination Style
Standard Plug/ Socket (A)
Element Pt100x1Type: Simplex, 3 Wire
Mineral Insulated
Sheath Material SS316
Sheath Outer Diameter 4.5mm
Adjustable Compression Fitting ½” NPT
Sheath Length 250mm
1mtr.,Teflon/Teflon Insulated Flexible Cable
Calibration Standard Din-43760

Key Features

  • Element: Pt100x1,Pt100x2
  • Sheath Material: SS316
  • Junction Style: 2Wire, 3Wire, 4Wire
  • Miniature/Standard Connector Termination
  • Cable: Teflon/Teflon,Teflon SS Braided, FG/FG, FG/FG SS Braided, PVC/PVC
  • Available in 3,4.5, 6, 8 mm sheath diameters
  • Process Connection (BSP and NPT standard)


Calibration Standard: Din-43760


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