Bayonet Thermocouple

Bayonet Thermocouple

A Bayonet Thermocouple is a type of thermocouple which uses a Bayonet type mounting for process connection.

It can be said Bayonet mount or a Bayonet Fastener is a fastening mechanism which consists of a cylindrical male side with pins mounted radially, and a female receptor with L-shaped slot(s) which matches the pins and with spring(s) which forces the parts to stick together.

This type of connection is most commonly found in electric bulbs.Specifications:

1. Thermocouple Type J, K, or N Standard Limits of Error ± 2.2°C or 0.75% (which ever is greater)

2. Thermocouple Type T Standard Limits of Error ± 1.0°C or 0.75%; (which ever is greater)

3. Thermocouple Type E Standard Limits of Error ± 1.7°C or 0.50% (which ever is greater)

4. Thermocouple Type R or S Standard Limits of Error ± 1.5°C or 0.25% (which ever is greater)

5. Thermocouple Type B Standard Limits of Error ± 0.50%

The six standard design's are available to meet the requirements for space conservation while the cap and spring are provided to insure optimum contact with the process. With a pipe clamp adapter, the sensor can also be used to measure pipe wall and bearing temperatures.

These six configuration are divided into two parts:-

Adjustable Immersion

  • Bayonet on Flex Armor
  • Bayonet on Flex Armor with transition
  • Bayonet on Spring

Fixed Immersion

  • Bayonet Straight
  • Bayonet 45° Degree Bend
  • Bayonet 90° Degree Bend

1. Adjustable immersion Bayonet Cap On Flex Armor.2. Adjustable immersion Bayonet Cap On Flex Armor & Transition3.  Adjustable immersion Bayonet Cap On Spring4. Fixed immersion Bayonet Straight5. Fixed immersion Bayonet 45° Bend6. Fixed immersion Bayonet 90° BendApplications :

1. Used in extruder & Plastic processing industries.

2. These sensors provide accurate temperature control for the best plasticizing combination of plastic material , mold & design.

3. Used in die casting industries.

4. Used in packaging & other industrial sensing application.