P450C Portable Pyrometer

Highly Accurate Two Color Portable Infrared Non-Contact Pyrometer

600°C to 2500°C

Wide temperature ranges : 600°C to 2500°C (in programmable sub ranges.)

Spectral Range : 0.7 μm ....1.15 μm

Two color model

Fast response time within milliseconds

Through-the-Lens view finder sighting

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Part Code: P450C



P450C is specially designed two color portable IR pyrometer for non contact temperature measurement between 600°C to 2500°C in demanding industrial environments with high accuracy. This is the two color pyrometer which measures the temperature of an object by calculating the ratio of the energies at two different wavelength bands. The ratio technique eliminates and reduces errors in temperature measurement caused by changes in Emissivity, Surface finish and energy absorbing materials such as water vapour etc.

The multi-functional bright backlight additional LCD graphic display panel provides an indication of status and configuration of pyrometer together with measurement mode. The measuring result is shown and can be analyzed directly on site. The bright through-the-lens sighting gives a precise definition of the target spot. The portable pyrometer provides fast, simple data logging with USB connectivity to download this data to PC for analysis.

The fast response time within milliseconds allow exact measurement of fast moving object. The large data storage (data store up to 4000 values) of measurement offers the best possibility for analyzing the data.


Temperature Range 600°C…1600°C
Spectral Range 0.7....1.15 μm
Photodetector Type Si/Si
Distance to spot size ratio 200:1 600°C…1600°C
400:1 800°C... 2500°C
Emissivity (e) 0.1….1.0 adjustable (for single color)
Emissivity Slope (ε1/ε2)
0.75….1.25 Slope adjustable (for two color)
Response Time 25 msec in Numerical Mode
30 msec in Graphical Mode
30 msec (When data storage is ‘ON’)
Accuracy ±0.5% of the measured value +1°C
Repeatability 0.1% of reading in °C + 1°C
Sighting Options Optimized through lens view finder with dioptry correction -2.5 dpt. to +2.5 dpt
Data Storage 4000 Values, Storage of Measurement Value, Date, Time, Emissivity
Storage Interval

OFF, 10 msec, 20 msec, 100 msec, 1 sec, 10 sec, 100
sec, 500 sec


Left side: LCD Display, 128 x 64 pixels illuminated 3 value per sec.; last value is displayed for another 10 sec after finishing measurement (Hold Function)
Additional Built in LED display in the view finder

Resolution LED inside : 0.1°C upto 1000°C after this 1°C
LCD outside : 0.1°C upto 1000°C after this 1°C
Parameters Setting Via Side
Emissivity, Peak Picker(Clear Time)(tCL), Average,
Storage Interval, Temperature Unit(°C/°F), Bluetooth, Auto Off Time, Date, Time

Key Features

  • Focusable precision optics for adjusting the smallest spot size
  • Temperature is displayed in the view finder and on the multi-function display
  • Measuring Functions : Normal, Average, Maximum
  • USB Connectivity : USB Options for communicating to PC
  • Small Spot Sizes
  • Large data storage for data analysis(Data storage up to 4000 values)
  • Additionally the instruments are completed via large display and easy designed keypad for selecting and changing of all available functions and settings
  • Numeric and Graphic LCD display on portable pyrometer
  • User friendly PC software for communication


  • Pyrometer with through the lens sighting
  • 3AAA Rechargeable Cell
  • Battery Charger
  • USB 2.0 Data Cable
  • Carry Box
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Software CD and Operation manual


  • CE


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