General Pyrometers

Our infrared pyrometers are used for precise temperature spot measurement and monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes, research and development, process automation & control in manufacturing and function checks of a diverse range of devices and systems between -40°C and 3200°C. Our pyrometers can be integrated in all processes where temperature plays an important role.

A Series

Single & two color pyrometer in the temperature range 75°C-3000°C

A+ Series

Highly Accurate Infrared Pyrometers with Focusable Optics

AL Series

Thermopile series in Temperature Range 0°C-2500°C

E Series

Economic Series Pyrometer in Temperature Range 0°C-2500°C

Fiber Optic Series

IR Fiber Optic Pyrometer with Bluetooth

T Series

IR Pyrometer in Two Wire Technology & Compact OEM recommended Digital pyrometers

Glass Pyrometer

Special pyrometers for Glass furnace, fore hearth, Feeder and working end.

Portable Pyrometer

Highly Accurate Portable IR Pyrometers