Noble Metal Master Thermocouple R type

  • Maximum Temperature up to 1500°C
  • Thermocouple Type-R
  • High purity Alumina insulation and sheath materials
  • Accuracy Special class of 0.6 °C or 0.1 % of temperature whichever is greater
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Part Code: TTCR



Tempsens offers special Reference thermocouples for high temperatures up to 1500°C for highly accurate temperature measurement. These Thermocouples are offered in platinum / Rhodium (type R, S or B) elements with a high purity Alumina insulations and sheath materials.

Thermocouples employing platinum in combination with platinum-rhodium alloys have been found to be the most reproducible of all the various types. They are resistant to oxidation in air and, because of their high melting points, can be used at very high temperatures. The best-known member of this group is the Type S (Pt10Rh/Pt) or Type R (Pt13Rh/Pt).

It was long considered more accurate and has probably been studied more than any other thermocouple. The performance of Type R or Type S thermocouple depends strongly on the annealing process, materials used and other construction techniques.


Temperature Range 0 to 1500 °C
Model TTCR
Element Type R(Pt13%Rh/Pt)
No. of Element Simplex
Sheath Material Alumina ( 99.7 % pure Al2O3)
Sheath Length 450mm
Extension Cable 1.5 mtr. Long Teflon insulated cable with male/female miniature connector
Sheath Diameter 6mm
Calibration at 5 points at Tempsens NABL Accredited Lab
Accuracy Special Class (0.6 °C or 0.1 % of temperature whichever is greater)




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