K Thermocouple with Cable and Fitting T-201

   Tempsens Make Thermocouple with Cable and Fitting:-

  • Element: Cr/Al "K" Type
  • Type: Simplex / Duplex, Ungrounded
  • Insulation: Mineral Insulated,
  • Cable: 1 Mtr. Long Teflon/Teflon Insulated Flexible Cable
  • Calibration Standard: ANSI MC 96.1

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Tempsens make Thermocouple with Cable & Fitting model; in this model the sensing element is protected inside a metallic sheath which acts as the hot end and the open or cold end is terminated (with proper sealing) with cable lugs which can be directly connected to suitable readout devices. The fitting provided is adjustablecompression fitting.


Thermocouple Element Chromel-Alumel (Simplex) (K)
Junction Style Ungrounded - UN
Sheath Material SS 316
Sheath Outer Diameter 3 mm
Adjustable Compression Fitting
Sheath Length 400 mm
Cable Teflon/Teflon Insulated Flexible Cable
Cable Length
1 Mtr.
Calibration Standard ANSI MC 96.1

Key Features

  • Thermocouple Types K, J, T, E, N
  • Sheath Protection SS310, SS316, and Inconel 600
  • Both Grounded and Ungrounded Junctions
  • Different cable insulations available
  • Available in 3, 4.5, 6, 8 mm sheath diameters
  • Both BSP and NPT standard process connection


ANSI MC 96.1


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