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Tempsens Manufactures a wide range of targets for electro-opsystems. These targets accurately radiate visible light sources coming from a distance to test the performance of the thermal imaging system.

Our targets can be mounted directly onto the front of a blackbody. Thus integration of a blackbody and a target on its focal plane provides accurate test results.

IR target are highly accurate with one side coated with a high emissive substance and the other side polished for efficient energy reflection. 

Tempsens can manufacture and supply different types of customizable laser micro machining targets as these target patterns and dimensions depend on the type of test being carried out and on the camera characteris .



Target Type Minimal Dimension (mm)

Tolerance Emissivity
CROSS TARGETS 0.5 ±5% 0.97 ±0.02
PINHOLE 0.10 ±5% 0.97 ±0.02
SQUARE 2.0 ±5% 0.97 ±0.02
SLIT 0.50 ±5% 0.97 ±0.02
4 BAR 0.10 ±5% 0.97 ±0.02



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