1 Pair x 0.88sqmm Instumentation Cable XLPE-Almyler Screening-PVC IX-110

Tempsens Make Instrumentation Cable

Conductor : Annealed Bare Copper Conductor as per IS 8130

Conductor size : 7/0.40 (0.88sqmm)

Type of Conductor : Stranded

Core Insulation : XLPE

Core Color : Blue & White

Shielding : Almyler Screening With ATC Drain Wire

Sheath Material : PVC

Sheath Color : Blue

Temperature Range : Up to 260 °C

Qty: 1 (1 = 100 Mtr Roll)

In stock

Part Code: IX-110-BC0-02-BW0-T



Instrumentation Signal Cables minimize noise and signal interference, delivering clean signals in harsh environments and general manufacturing operations. These cables are designed for use in communication and instrumentation


Conductor Material Annealed Bare Copper
Codnuctor Size
7/0.40mm (0.88sqmm) Stranded
No. of pairs 02
Design XLPE-Overall Almyler Screening-PVC
Cable formation Twisted Style
Temperature Range
Up to 90 °C
Core Color Blue & White
Sheath Color

Key Features

  • Max. Temp. Up to 90°C
  • Suitable for High Voltage Use
  • Low Dielectric Constant
  • Excellent Fire Retardant Property
  • Halogen Free
  • Higher Mechanical Strength
  • Good Flexibility


JSS 51034

JSS 51038

VDE 207-6

IS 8130


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