Furnace Heaters

Marathon Metallic heating elements, bundle rod and furnaces are widely used by reputed customers globally for metal heating applications, Heat treatment process, glass industries, plastic heating etc.

CE Marking  IEC  CSA UR Underwriters Laboratories

Bundle Rod Heater

Bundle rod heater is used with combination of radiant tubes which delivers high power, avoid refractory corrosion and avoid the gas impurity in process materials.

Edge Wound Heater

A nickel-chromium alloy (80/20 or 70/20) forms the basis of these heaters

Bobbin Heaters

Designed for any voltage or wattage within manufacturing limits, bobbin heaters are mainly used for low watt density heating and low temperature range.

Mineral Insulated High Temperature Heating Cable

MI heating cable is the ideal choice when an application’s temperature and power output requirements exceed the capabilities of self-regulating and power-limiting heating cables.

Panel Heater

Hopper Heating Module

Open Coil and Sinusoidal Strip Heaters

Indirect solution to decrease watt density requirements and prevent heat sensitive materials from breaking down.