High Temperature Furnace - HTF

High-temperature furnaces are another type of laboratory furnace capable of reaching higher temperatures between 1400°C up to 1800°C. A high temp furnace typically consists of heating elements located on both sides of the heating chamber to ensure good thermal uniformity. Process applications for a high-temperature furnace include sintering of high-temperature materials, glass melting, and high-temperature testing of ceramics, fusion and firing processes, and powder metallurgy processes.

High-temperature furnaces are insulated with fibre material. Furnaces with fibre insulation achieve significantly shorter heating up times because of the low thermal mass.

Tempsens is ISO and CE certified Laboratory & Industrial furnace manufacturers and suppliers. Tempsens provide range general purpose High-Temperature Furnace in three temperature ranges i.e. 1400°C, 1600°C & 1800°C

Standard Features

        • Advance refractory interior, used in combination with energy-efficient low thermal mass insulation.
        • Over-temperature limiter with adjustable cutout temperature for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the furnace and load
        • Equipped with thermocouple break protection that helps to prevent thermocouple failure run away
        • An exhaust air outlet at the rear wall of the furnace
        • Power control through Solid state relay or Thyristor unit provides low noise operation.
        • Maximum Operating Temperature


        • Heating Element

          Silicon Carbide/Molybdenum Disilicide

        • Temperature Controller

          Microprocessor-based PID controller

        • External Chamber Construction

          MS Powder Coated / 304 Grade Stainless Steel (Optional)

        • Internal Chamber Construction

          Vacuum formed ultra-high purity alumina low thermal mass insulation with pre-sintered fibre insulation board.

        Model Liters Inside Dimension(mm)(WxDxH) Power (kW) Heating Element Shop
        HTF 1400 6.9 170x270x150 3.5 Silicon Carbide Buy
        HTF 1600 6.9 170x270x150 3.5 Molybdenum Disilicide Buy
        HTF 1600G 12 175x340x200 5 Molybdenum Disilicide with Vacuum  
        HTF 1800 4 150x240x110 4 Molybdenum Disilicide Buy
        HTF 1800G 9 150x330x180 5 Molybdenum Disilicide with Vacuum