Highly Accurate Digital pyrometer with Extended Sensor Head, Inbuilt LCD and Keypad for Parameterization

  • Temperature Range: 0°C….800°C
  • Extended sensor head with 3m cable
  • Spectral Range: 8…14 μm
  • Emissivity (ε): 0.1….1.2 adjustable
  • USB 2.0 Digital output, USB Cable
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Part Code: EL50-HEx



EL50-HEx is a digital Pyrometer in economic range with extended sensor head in 4 wire technology, for non-contact temperature measurement between 0°C to 800°C. The sensor head is unaffected by electromagnetic interferences. The pyrometer sensor head is specially designed to withstand ambient temperature up to 180°C without cooling.


Technical Specification

Temperature Range
(Analog sub-range adjustable)
Spectral Range 8…14 μm
Photodetector Type Thermopile
Distance to Spot Size Ratio 2:1
(To be specified while ordering)
Emissivity (ε) 0.1….1.2 adjustable
Response Time 60 msec adjustable up to 10 sec
Accuracy ±1.5% of the measured value or 2°C whichever is greater (The sensor head must be at constant ambient temperature for a minimum of 15 minutes)
Repeatability 0.3% of reading in °C + 1°C
Analog Output 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, Thermocouple Type “K” or “J”(User selectable)
Digital Output USB 2.0
RS-232/RS-485 interface card (Optional)    *At a time only one digital output is possible
Operating Temp. Range Electronic box up to 70°C
Sensor head up to 180°C
Storage Temp. Range -20....60°C(Electronics & Zener), -20....180°C (Sensor Head)
Relay Output Relay Output with hysteresis 60V DC/42V AC RMS, 0.4A
Zener Barriers FM Approval: 116-0118
UL Approval: 116-0139(cULus)
IECEx Approval: IECEx BAS 09.0142
IECEx BAS 17.0091x
Environment Rating Acc. to IEC 62529. Clamping carrier IP 20/housing IP 40
Approved for [Ex ia Ga] llC, [Ex ia Da] lllC, [Ex ia Ma] l, Ex ec llC T4 Gc
Adjustable Parameters and
Features via Software
Emissivity, Response Time, Clear Time (Peak Picker),Analog Output, Analog Scale (Sub Range), Unit temperature (°C/°F), Communication mode), Record Feature Etc.
Adjustable Parameters and
Features via Keypad
Emissivity, Relay, Setpoint, Hysteresis (Hyst), Analog Sub Range, Analog Output, Unit of temperature, Sensor address, Response Time, Clear Time(Peak Picker) etc.
Power Supply 12V DC to 28 V DC with reverse polarity protection
Power Consumption Max 2.5 watt
Installation In zone 2, division 2 & in safe area
Housing Sensor head-Stainless Steel;
Electronic Box : Zinc
Isolation Power supply, *Digital output, and Analog output are galvanically isolated against each other
* Not applicable for USB 2.0 digital output
Operating Humidity 10-95%, non-condensing conditions
Weight & Dimensions 600g, 112.5mmx82.5mmx33mm(L x W x H)

Key Features

  • Power supply (12V DC to 28 V DC) with reverse polarity protection
  • The sensor head can withstand ambient temperature up to 180°C
  • Spectral range 8 μm...14 μm
  • Wide temperature ranges (0°C to 800°C)
  • Analog output like 4…20mA, 0…20mA, 0…10V, Thermocouple type “K” or“J” (user selectable)
  • USB2.0 Digital output and RS-232/RS-485 Serial interface card
  • Relay output


  • Air Purge Unit For Sensor Head
  • Adjustable Mounting for Sensor Head
  • Converter RS-232 ↔ RS-485
  • Power supply Input 110/230V AC Output 24 V DC, 0.7Amp.


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