FluoroSenz Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring System

  • Temperature Measurement Range: -40°C to 260°C
  • Predicts hazards in High EMI environments.
  • Accurate temperature detection of winding hotspots.
  • Prolongs life expectancy of Transformers.
  • Effectively regulates load on high voltage transformers and switchgears.
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FluoroSenz - FS-016

Part Code: FluoroSenz - FS-016



FluoroSenz is a Fluorescence-based single-point fiber optic monitoring system that conducts real-time temperature monitoring of transformers, switchgear, and generators. It is designed especially for harsh environments wherever High Electric and Magnetic fields are present. It works on Calibration free Fluorescence Time Decay Technology, which ensures no recalibration required over the sensor lifespan.

The system is based on the characteristics found in rare earth fluorescent materials i.e. Fluorescence decay time. The tip of the sensor probe is formed of Fluorescence material. When pulsed light source is projected to sensitive rare earth material, it excites. After excitation, the fluorescent material returns to its ground state by emitting a photon. The time taken by the Fluorescent material to reach to ground state from its excited state is known as "decay time". It is temperature dependent and thus provides a wide application in Temperature Measurement.


  • Transformer Winding Temperature Measurement
  • Switchgear Hotspot Temperature Monitoring
  • Industrial Microwave Industry
  • Medical Industry



Technical Datasheet

Temperature Measurement Range -40°C to 260°C
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Display 7 Segment Digital Tube Display
Number of Channels 1/2/4/8/16
Temperature Unit °C or °F
Response Frequency 2 Second Per Channel
Communication Ports RS-485, Ethernet (RJ-45), Fiber Port
 Communication Protocol MODBUS
IEC61850 (Compatible)
 Relay Output 8 Programmable Relay
1 System Fault Relay
Analog Output  4-20 mA (one for each channel)
Data Logging 1 GB Industrial Grade SD Card
Power Supply 24 VDC
Power Consumption ≤10 Watt
Fiber Optic Length 1 m to 25 m

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 65°C


Key Features

  • Eight channels expandable upto 16; Upto sixteen different points can be measured.
  • Industry Compliant Communication protocols including MODBUS and IEC-61850.
  • Proven FluoroSenz fiber optic probes; Immune to electromagnetic, Microwaves and RF interferences.
  • The probe is small in size and can be used to measure the hot spot in depth, so as to realize the real and effective monitoring of the hotspot.
  • Temperature of each channel can be read on local 7-Segment Display or remotely monitored in PC system conveniently


  • IEC 61850 (Customizable)


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