Floor Heating Mat (FHM-DF-150)

  • Heating Cable of 15.7 w/m
  • FEP Insulation on heating core
  • Al Foil Shield with Multi-strand Earth Wire
  • Sticky FG Mesh/Non-Sticky FG Mesh/Cross Filament Tape
  • Double sided tissue tape / PP tape
  • PVC Outer Jacket (Heat Resistance)
  • Separate Cold Tail of 3.5 meter.
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Part Code: FHM-DF-150




Floor Heating Mat heats the room uniformly by the process of Radiant Heating.Works quietly from beneath the titles/ plywood.



Heating Cable 15.7 watt / meter
Spacing Sticky FG Mesh/ Non-Sticky FG Mesh/ Cross Filament Tape
Core Insulation FEP
Shielding Aluminium Foil For 100% Coverage
Earth Wire Multi-strand 0.5mm²
Jacket PVC (HR FR)
Power Output per Meter² 150 Watt / Meter²
Standard Voltage 230 Volt AC


Key Features

  • It is designed for sports grounds.
  • Heating output 100w/m²
  • Spacing has been adjusted with fiberglass mesh.
  • Mat width 0.50 meter and length is depends on total power output
  • It covers 1 to 19 meter² area in single mat.


  • UL
  • CSA
  • RoHS


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